Message Generator


Defaults are set in dynamic-modals.js


Empty arguments will use the runtime defaults.

showMessageModal('', '', true, '', '', true, '', '', '', '');
showMessageModal('This is called with just a message. You set defaults in dynamic-modals.js.');
showMessageModal('This is called with just a message and class. You set defaults in dynamic-modals.js.', 'alert-secondary');
showMessageModal('You can include a link. Please support KenHaggerty.Com.', 'alert-success', true, 'Later', 'btn-primary', true, '', '_self', 'KenHaggerty.Com');
showMessageModal('Hide Backdrop sets the backdrop to false. With the jQuery modal, clicking outside the modal will not dismiss the modal. The Bootstrap Native modal sets the backdrop to transparent and will dismiss the modal on click.', 'alert-warning', true, 'Got It', 'btn-success', true, '', '_blank', 'More', 'btn-info', true);
showMessageModal('We use cookies to analyse usage. See our privacy policy.', 'alert-primary', true, 'Agree', '', true, '/Privacy', '_blank', 'Privacy Policy');
showMessageModal('Congraulations!', 'alert-success', true, 'Done');
showMessageModal('You have run out of time. You must start over.', 'alert-dark', false, '', '', true, '/', '_self', 'Try Again');
showMessageModal('Oops! Something went wrong. Please help me fix it by sending me an email about how to recreate the issue.', 'alert-danger', false, '', '', true, '/', '_self', 'Home');

The messaging from the client-js to the user is critical for a Fido process. You can create and test your Message Modal with the Generator. Edits to the Generator dynamically updates the Generated code block with the fewest parameters needed. A dismiss button and/or a link is required. The Message Modal does not implement the close button in the head to force a redirection. Notice a modal created in the page's html co-exists with the Message Modal. See the samples of parameter signatures.